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PBIS: The Cowboy Way

Mission Statement
We, the SHS Community, are committed to providing a safe, nurturing, positive learning environment where students are encouraged to develop to their fullest potential intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. We value achievement, respect, kindness, and diversity within our community. Our goal in partnership with the home, is to encourage all students to become lifelong learners and contributing members of society.
The Cowboy Way
The Cowboy Way helps encourage every student to be SAFEHONORABLE, and SENSIBLE. SHS has created policies and procedures to foster a positive, productive, and safe environment for students to thrive.
  • Classroom interventions and supports
  • Schoolwide lessons
  • Homework Centers
  • Small Group Tutoring
  • Grade Remediation
  • Summer Academies
  • Classroom interventions and supports
  • Schoolwide Lessons
  • Individual & group supports 
  • Alternative to Suspension  
  • Wellness Center
  • Small group sessions
  • 1:1 Emotional Support
  • School Wide SEL Lessons
  • Mindfulness & Stress management workshops
PBIS Annual Summary 2022-23
The Cowboy Way helps encourage every student to be SAFE, HONORABLE, and SENSIBLE. Please read our annual summary here.
PBIS 2019-2021 Awards
2021 PBIS Award

Award Certification Community cares golden award        

Salinas High School Learning Matrix
SHS Cowboy Way Matrix
Spanish Matrix


Beth Oneto
Intervention Specialist 
Mrs. Elizabeth Oneto
(831) 796-7400 Ext. 3063
Assistant Principal Tier 1
Ed Schmidt
(831) 796-7400 Ext. 2907
Assistant Principal Tier 2/3
Ms. Angela Perez
(831) 796-7400 Ext. 2906
Andi Rossi
Monterey County Behavioral Health Services
Ms. Andi Rossi
(831) 796-7400 ext. 3067
Jennifer Ibarra
School Psychologist 
Mrs. Jennifer Ibarra
(831) 796-7400 ext 2975
Maria Ponce
School Psychologist 
Ms. Maria Ponce
(831) 796-7400 ext. 2939 
Marisol Ruiz
School Social Worker
Mrs. Marisol Ruiz
(831) 796-7400 Ext. 2936
Community Human Services
Iliana Cardozo
Intervention Counselor
Ms. Iliana Cardozo
(831) 796-7400 Ext. 2940
Rachel Alfaro
Restorative Justice Facilitator
Ms. Rachel Alfaro
(831) 796-7400 Ext. 2971
Angelica Martinez
Restorative Justice Facilitator
Mrs. Angelica Martinez
(831) 796-7400 Ext. 2971